Artículos para peluquerías caninas.

Disponemos de una amplia gama de secadores de perro para adaptarse a la necesidad de varios diferente pelajes ideales tanto para el hogar y uso profesional que preservan los aceites naturales y sellan la humedad, dando lugar a un ambiente sano, brillante.

  • PSD-918
    Anionic Stand Dryer

    ·Variable stepless wind speed and temperature controls.
    ·Specially designed encoder switch for wind speed and temperature adjustment, and easy to use.
    ·Electronic switch without friction between components, operational safe and durable.
    ·Automatic synchronization of wind speed and temperature to prevent overheating.
    ·Mica long life heating element with thermal overload cutout.
    ·Hand adjustable swivel nozzle turns 360°, easy to be positioned at any angle, easily positioned.
  • DHD-2400F/3000F
    Typhoon dual motor dryer

    *Unbeatable large air volume and blow force, powerful and amazingly quiet.
    *Perfect industrial design, workmanship is more elegant.
    *Original plastic color or elegant polished surface in luxury stoving varnish can be choose.
  • DHD-2400T
    Super blaster dual motor dryer

    • Unparalleled air volume and surprising wind speed (95 m/s) , unbelievable blow force reached 1060g.
    *Elegant polished surface in luxury stoving varnish.
    *Is one of the most ideal choice for professional pet salon, pet hospital, breeder, and academic institutions.
  • SHD-1800
    Cyclone single motor

    ·Brand new "Cyclone" with improved system for many sides: more powerful, low noise, well-distributed wind speed, longer service life, safeguard simply, easy operation to adjust speed & blowing rate absolutely free.
    ·Upgraded new Custom-made famous brand motor for 30% longer sevice life and better performance.
    ·Good choice for family user drying cats, sensitive dogs, small and medium dogs.
  • FDS-01
    Stand and Hard Pipe

    ·Features a stable, height adjustable stand. Movable and flexible collaboration with easy installation.
    ·Release the hands to focus on grooming and modeling, helps improving the efficiency greatly.
    ·Convenient structure with easy and fast click-on connection, help changing two different hoses soon within 10 seconds.
    ·Height adjustable and neck vertical rotatable in full circle with 360 turnable nozzle, for accurate positioning freely easily.
    ·Long lasting casters with brake, easy to control and without sticky hair.